Today I was intuitively guided to talk about values.

1) What are they?

To me, values are a part of the foundation of who we uniquely are, what qualities are important to us e.g. love, trust, honesty, etc. and our values can vary in each area of our life e.g. work, health, etc. Some will remain steadfast and some will be flexible.

2) Why are values important?

-They are part of the foundation of who we uniquely are

-They tell us what is important to us.

-They help us to define boundaries.

-They help us with relationships, determining whether someone aligns with our values, or even a company.

-They are valuable in goal setting and goal getting – if the goal does not align with one of our top values, then there may be blocks, procrastination, self-sabotage as we may not really want to do it.

-Values lead us to our beliefs (which are rules about our values). I won’t go into beliefs in this article, but basically, when an event happens, it triggers a feeling and a belief that we have. We know if our values are being met, by the belief we are having about the situation/event.

…..So my question to you all today is: Do you know what your values are? What is important to you fundamentally and why? Yes? Great!! No? As part of my work, I can teach and walk you through a process to find out what your top, say, 10 or 15 values are.

(I have been through this process myself a couple of years ago, when I realised I had no idea what my values were, because I had previously been shown two opposite ends of the spectrum, such is life. It was a valuable (sorry, no pun intended ;)) learning experience, very insightful, one which grounded and empowered me to continue on my journey of self-discovery.

Warmest wishes

Victoria (top 5 values: love, spirituality, security, health, trust)