Today I feel guided to talk with you about angels….some of you may know this information…and some may not. Some may believe…and some may not….yet 😉

We all have a guardian angel who is with us from birth until death. They are watching over us, as are all the angels. There are many other angels. Angels will not intervene (unless we ask for their help) but will in an emergency/life-threatening situation if it is not our time to pass over. Angels can tend to many people at the same time, so don’t be afraid that you will take them away from someone else. Ask the angels to draw close to you.

Angels need your PERMISSION to help you, so you must ASK them for help. If you are not sure which Angel does what, just ask them for the most appropriate angel for the task. Be polite, always say thank you for their help and for signs that you see as well. They want to know you have seen those.

The best way I have found to allow people that seed of belief is to say ‘ask your angels for a parking space next time you need one’. They will find you one. I have tried it, and offered it to many, who have been a bit shocked with the result,lol! Be specific if you can e.g. the nearest parking space to .
You can ask for signs that they are around you, and be open-minded for those signs. If you are not sure, ask them to show you a much clearer sign that you would understand, again be open to that showing up. They are normally repetitive, consistent and mean something personally to you. You can even ask for a specific sign, e.g. an owl, or a bat.
Signs that the angels are about: white feathers (sure you have all heard of those); coins (pennies from heaven normally); angelic music (i have it in my car sometimes when my radio is not on); birds; butterflies; a feeling of spiders-in-your-hair; the sign you asked for; cloud formations; numbers repeating (eg. time on clock, till receipt, digital clock,etc.) – you may wake up at a certain time every day. I have had a bin liner tie in the shape of an angel even lying on the street, just before I saw a one pence piece! A rainbow is a sign that the angels are taking care of the situation for you.

A short summary of what the 7 main Archangels’ roles are:

Emotions are held in the knees, so you can always ask Archangel Michael to literally hoover out any negativity. Visualise it happening. Michael is also there for courage and protection. Uriel is to bring peace and tranquility, Jophiel is to bring joy into your life, Sandalphon is to ground you, and Zadkiel is to remove any negativity . Archangel Chamuel is the one to call upon if you are feeling depressed, lonely or have problems with a relationship. Raphael assists with disconnection with life or yourself. Metatron is the leader of the angels, and I have seen him in my meditations.

We have chords between us and people we interact with, whether that is family, friends, work colleagues, partners,etc. If you feel like someone is relying too much on you for their happiness, or you feel drained in their presence, or they are being very unpleasant to you, ask the angels to cut chords between you and this person (remember to say thank you). You may find when you do this, that you then get contact from that person shortly after, just how it works, because although they do not know what has happened on a conscious level, they feel the disconnect energetically.

I will leave you with this…when I was made redundant, I asked for a bright pink feather that I would get the career that was right for me…I went to an industrial estate looking for work…wedding shop…whole row of feathers, MASSIVE and yep…bright pink ones. So, I asked them what was the next step I needed to take to get to my new career, to please show me a sign. I think a car’s number plate saying ‘NLP’ at the end was a big enough sign, and I got an email a few days later to do an NLP taster day! Last one, when I had trained in NLP and was trying to move towards coaching there were walls and they were not mine. I kept seeing hypnotherapy, and asked…am I meant to do Hypnotherapy now, if so, please show me signs of NLP and Hypnotherapy together….boy did they work hard, I had EIGHT signs in that very same day! And the rest, as they say, is history and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have enjoyed this article, Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine and Kyle Gray are all renowned Angel connectors, and there is more detailed knowledge available on the internet and their other sources, from all three regarding their connections with the angels, meditations, and if you are interested in knowing even more.