Victoria is an authentic, empathic and intuitive healer and therapist, helping human clients reach their goals, and creating better unity and understanding for our beautiful animal kingdom and their human counterparts. Bringing “Awareness is Empowerment” to all her talks, Victoria speaks from her heart, engaging and interacting with her audience, painting metaphorical pictures and moving her listeners, to inspire, delight, enthrall, motivate and make people think.


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Practitioner in NLP
Practitioner in Canine Flow
Diploma in Animal Magic Animal Communication Soul Speak  © Method
Practitioner in Rahanni Celestial Healing
Certificate in Life Coaching


Victoria has spoken at various professional networking events incl. MidKent Ladies Who Latte, dog shows, and psychic fayres, giving demonstrations and enlightening audiences with her engaging talks about both human and animal therapies/services.  She has also been interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 5 and All Business Media FM, and is in the WI List of Speakers 2017-2019.

Talk Titles:

‘Part of me this….Part of me that’ – an insightful journey into conflicts in our inner world
‘Emotionally Understanding Your Dog’ – the missing jigsaw piece…a heart centred approach to dog behaviour
‘Facing up to Fibromyalgia, and Winning!’ – bringing bursts of insights, a-ha’s, awareness and resources which the doctor cannot tell you
‘E-motion: energy in motion’ – How emotions have a message; when we don’t listen; and how to help.
‘Habits: what keeps yours going?’ – a good look into the world of habits, and what lies underneath. Let’s delve deep!
‘Animal Communication’ – Can it be? Sit comfortably as we take a journey through some heartwarming stories and tales from my time communicating with animals.
‘Animal Communication 2’ – How animals communicate with us, with other animals. Do they have a message?
What is Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT?’ – Definitions, uses, benefits and some take-home tips.

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