Dog Walking / Pet Sitting / House Sitting

With previous experience of dog walking /cat sitting / drop-ins / house sitting, both in a business and personal capacity, I am offering these services in my local area of Blue Bell Hill, Eccles, Burham. Other areas close by will also be considered too.

Whether you are away for just the day, a few days or a holiday, I can help to accommodate the needs of your pet(s) or house and give them the TLC they need. At the end of the day, they are not ‘just pets’, they are our extended family.

Pet sitting can include just a drop-in if you are only away a few hours, but you would like me to spend time with your dog/cat, giving them love, attention, grooming, playtime, toilet breaks, and company.

Regarding your property, I am DBS checked, and a mature, practical, individual who is both highly organised and has a keen eye for detail, to look after your property, and pets, where required.

I will come to you so we can chat about what services you require, see how your pets respond to me and whether I am the right person for them, and gather/offer all the information we need to complete the booking. So, please give me a call if you would like to go ahead, and my consultation is free for these services.

pet walking, sitting and dog hypnotherapy in kent

About Me (with animals)

Coming from a background of working in veterinary referrals, being around animals and responsible for premises security, and being brought up with a locksmith father, I take security of your home and the well-being of your little one (pet) very seriously. I owned my own kitty-cat for 17½ years, and I swear she had better healthcare than me at times, with an electric blanket for old age aches and pains, cat water fountain for fresh running water, a huge cat activity centre and fresh catnip! She was my responsibility through and through. I also work with dogs with Canine Flow (incorporating Canine/Dog Hypnotherapy), and generally with cats, dogs and horses (not unlimited list though!) with Rahanni Celestial Healing.  And an exciting development for 2018 will be Animal Communication! So, as you can see, I have a passion for helping animals and love being around them, interacting with them and giving them the love they deserve!!


pet walking, sitting and dog hypnotherapy in kent



Canine Flow Training, Pet/House Sitting and Dog walking in Kent..
Canine Flow Training, Pet/House Sitting and Dog walking in Kent..

Canine Flow (Heart-Based Dog Training)

Canine Flow is a unique, heart-based form of dog training, working with your dog’s emotions to influence and transform their behaviour, whilst also educating you about your dog’s emotions, what influences them and how and why they express themselves… and teaching healthy ways your dog can express themselves. This all creates a better unity between you and your animal companion. The techniques include Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (dog hypnotherapy) where we are training your dog to release emotions like stress, fear, frustration, tension, cellular memories, allowing them to feel safer within this world. Aroma-Flow (aromatherapy oils) can also be used, where appropriate.

Everything your dog does is to feel safe. Dogs don’t think, they FEEL.
Dogs are empathic (able to pick up energies in the environment and within people).

They connect to us heart to heart, so can be a messenger for us too, showing us, like a mirror, what is unresolved within us. Helping you, to help them, to help you. You may need to re-read that!
Being a trained therapist allows me to work therefore with both yourself and doggie, with permission and where needed.

So, Canine Flow (CF) focuses on your dog’s emotional wellbeing, training them to release emotions, stress/tension and cellular memories which can influence and transform their behaviour.  This can be for general relaxation or for more specific issues (e.g. separation anxiety, loud noises, recall, anything where their emotions may be having a negative impact on them).

Dogs generally become calmer, more relaxed, happier and freer within themselves, affecting their responses to external stimulus, and a calmer dog generally means a calmer owner.

For Canine Flow, I provide: 1-2-1 consultations, based at your home, and Relax-Dog™ Classes, based at Sandling Village Hall, Thursday evenings 7.45pm-8.45pm. Coming soon also……Reach Your Pawtential Days where you can spend a full day learning and experiencing Canine Flow, plus gain a certificate for Step 1 of training to be a Canine Flow Practitioner if you wish!

Check out for more detailed information on these unique training techniques, and ‘What Our Customers Say’ for some testimonials.

Rahanni Celestial Healing
This is a beautifully gentle, universal healing energy that promotes wellbeing and healing. It can be so beneficial, helping animals physically, emotionally and spiritually; helping to balance their whole system and providing a sense of relaxation, and by doing this, it can give them, their mind, body and spirit more of a chance to heal itself. I provide this service to a variety of animals, but mainly dogs, cats and horses/ponies.

Animals have chakras (energy centres), very similar locations to ourselves, which can get out of balance and show in a variety of ways. Rahanni can help to get their energy flowing better within, positively impacting the receiver.

Animal Communication (AC)
I am also training in Animal Communication, and am due to qualify for a Diploma in 2018. Happening for a little while, with friends’ animals and wildlife, I decided in 2017 to go for a professional qualification, so I’m in the process of carrying out my case studies and course studies in this regard.  It will be an exciting development to my work with animals, and I am enjoying this part of my journey, before I qualify later this year.

*Fees for all services subject to regular review