Victoria Smith-Gillard Dip.CBH GQHP AMACDip.

I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and I’m a Certified Practitioner in NLP, Life Coaching and Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am trained in using basic EFT (tapping), EMDR (great for trauma release) and Parts Therapy (great for almost any issue). I use these therapies together to complement, and provide a tailored client-led approach to tackle your issue(s). I have a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health as well, and do Continued Professional Development to enhance my toolbox! 

Working with me…
I feel therapy is two-way, so I aim to guide you to make positive changes in how you think, feel and behave with your goal (where you want to be) in mind. For you to be able to talk things through and for me to actively listen, gather information, and devise and implement a therapy plan with you. Your part is to take responsibility for working on your issue… to work with me as we journey through this therapy plan.

I have a special interest in Fibromyalgia and help people to discover a more holistic approach to managing and reducing this condition using years of self-knowledge gained from suffering from, although I prefer the saying ‘doing’, Fibromyalgia myself since 2006.

I also have a massive passion for working with animals: as a trained Canine Flow Practitioner, I help dogs manage their emotions through the unique heart-based training techniques called Canine Flow, whilst also educating owners about their dog’s emotions and what their dogs may be trying to show them.  As a Certified Rahanni Healing Practitioner, it is truly beautiful to work with animals in this holistic way! Energy Healing can be so beneficial as it can help to balance their whole system and by doing this, it gives them, their mind, body and spirit more of a chance to heal itself.  And becoming an Animal Communicator has been a massive privilege too, helping to create unity, understanding, compassion and a deeper love between an owner and their animal. To feel and hear their personalities coming out –  bringing laughter, love and a deeper connection to all involved – is just beautiful.

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A little bit about me… 
I’m a very intuitive, spiritual person spending most of my time crafting, writing, in Nature, reading and singing – and both creativity and intuition can help guide and personalise a therapy session. Occasionally, you will even find me with a camera in hand, as I love to capture the beauty of Mother Earth for my writing and card-making. I adore being around animals – all their personalities, quirks and the love they have to give – I worked with them for over 7 years, so it was only a matter of time before they were included in my business in a major way, and it feels so much more balanced!  Being a developing medium, with a bubbling curiosity in crystals, in time I would love to offer readings as part of my services. It’s all about shining my light, using the gifts I was given and living up to my own potential. You can do that too if you are not already! I have a keen and personal interest in complementary medicine and therapies, nutrition and getting to know and love your true self.  I love to learn, always have, and enjoy exploring how I can further and expand on my knowledge to serve my clients best.

“Learning (for a client or therapist) is never the end, but a new beginning

of self-development and growth”

Victoria Smith-Gillard

A little bit about my background… 
Being made redundant in 2014 and with life circumstances repeating themselves, I feel I was handed a special opportunity to step back. To move from grieving my loss, to driving forward, motivated to make the most of my life. To clarify my values. Follow my heart…and pursue what I now believe has always been my purpose in life – to be a healer – in so many ways that I had never imagined.  I thought about it: my childhood, interests, intuition and spirituality, my love of learning – especially animals, psychology and the connection between our minds and our bodies – and even the direction of my career and the redundancy, I feel these were all stepping stones towards this purpose.  So I took the risk.  Stepped out of my comfort zone.  Embarked on my training not completely knowing where that particular journey would take me, but knowing I was moving forward on the path I wanted to be on, and excited about the possibility of achieving my higher potential and the opportunities to serve that it may bring, whatever was and is meant for me… And now here I am, writing my profile, and I would just like to finish by saying:

I look forward to meeting you all, wherever you are along the journey of your life.

Warmest Regards, Victoria

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