Victoria Smith-Gillard Dip.CBH GQHP AMACDip.

Rahanni Healing

Rahanni is a hands-on healing therapy, a modality of balance. It’s a complementary therapy for both body and mind.

Rahanni means ‘of one heart’, meaning we’re all one, and interconnected. It’s the ‘new’ healing modality for this ‘Golden Age of Aquarius’.

Integrated Therapies

There are many other therapies and processes we can use to assist you with your concerns including Psychology of Selves, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy, using existing knowledge and the creative powers of your mind to make positive changes that can be activated, when you are relaxed, through the use of suggestions.  The suggestions offered by the therapist are intended to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in some way, in accordance with what’s been discussed in your session.

Animal Services

Canine Flow

Heart-based dog training.  Working with your dog’s emotions to influence and transform behaviour.


A gentle energy healing therapy that promotes relaxation, well-being and healing for your pets/animals.

Animal Communication

A telepathic link between myself and your pet/animal.

Pet Sitting

Caring for your pet at home whether you are away for a few hours, a day, or on holiday.

What our customers say…

I found the time that I spent with Victoria very therapeutic. The hypnosis was very beneficial and I felt very calm and peaceful considering what is going on in my life at present. She gave me advice and taught me some valuable ideas on how to relax and cope with the stresses I am experiencing. I felt totally at ease in her company and find I am still using the techniques that she shared with me to allow me to cope or when I need a little me time or to just relax. She is a fantastic listener and gives you advice and guidance on how you can improve yourself or situation. I would recommend her 100%
Joanne R

Thank you so much for the Rahanni treatment. It made me feel rested and refreshed. It helped me to clear my mind and clarify my thoughts. I really enjoyed the feeling of heat, so much more heat than what I have experienced in the past with reiki. I look forward to having more Rahanni in future and have already recommended it to friends.
Faye B

I came to Victoria, as I was looking for help in changing my mindset about losing weight and reducing cravings. As a result of the sessions we had, I feel much more in control of the food I am eating. Victoria gave me tools to use to combat the cravings and hypnotherapy to meet my mindset.  I found Victoria to be a great choice for me to work with because of her caring, positive nature. I found the confidence that she showed in me that I would be able to achieve my goals spurred me on.  Other benefits of working with Victoria have been to open my eyes to the fact that there is a very strong bond between the mind and the body and that by using our minds in a positive way, we can have a positive influence on our bodies. I am happy to recommend Victoria to others as I feel she is a very competent therapist, with a huge amount of skill and knowledge.  Victoria has a knack of pinpointing issues that may be affecting your mindset, that you may not even realise yourself. During our first session, there were issues that came up that we had not arranged to discuss, but that Victoria felt it would be useful to deal with first. This approach proved very successful and I believe ensured that the following sessions were more effective.  Helen W.

The issue I sought help with addressing was comfort eating. I had a pattern of seeking out food, especially sugar, when feeling stressed or under par. From the work with Victoria I managed to get a grip on the comfort eating and stop reaching for the sugar whenever I felt unhappy. This is an amazing result as this is a lifelong pattern that we have dissipated.  I really liked working with Victoria because she took the time to get to know me better and how I like to work. I’m the sort of person who likes to know why things are the way they are.  And so Victoria gave me exercises to learn more about the drivers for my behaviour so to increase my understanding and sense of control over the situation.  I think that Victoria’s approach of integrating several therapies into a session worked really well as she had more tools available to best respond to my needs. Particularly when we did the parts work I got insights about myself that were a surprise to me, but which made complete sense once I knew about it consciously.  I would definitely recommend Victoria based on the work we did together. Hazel A.

Thank you again for the coaching. With your help and support I have been able to overcome my anxiety over assessments so that I no longer have panic attacks before them. I have also found that the techniques we used have been useful in other areas of my life. You have been gentle and encouraging while at the same time pushing me to make commitments and explore boundaries.
Jane C

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